Andrew Marsden

FB_IMG_1443723623009Andrew made his professional stage debut in EXAM (2012, Vertigo Theatre Productions) playing Candidate 8. Since then he has gone on to appear in several theatre productions including Troll (Keyboard Warrior) (2013, My Beating Heart Theatre Co), Would You Change? (2014, Bewilderbeastly Productions), Porno Chic (2014, Vertigo Theatre Productions), A Dream Play (2015, Deja Vu Ensemble) and MOUTH (2015, Magpie Man Theatre). He has also appeared in several short films including The Advisor (2013), Late Bloomer (2014) and Last Orders (2015).

Andrew was born premature at 26 weeks into the pregnancy term and medically died five times. He is now on his sixth life which, if he really were The Doctor from “Doctor Who” (as some have wondered), would make him Colin Baker…who spent his early years in Rochdale where Andrew was born and raised! Gadzooks!

Recent projects:

Porno Chic from award winning Vertigo Theatre Productions, part of GM Fringe. 6-9th July.

porno chic

The Lionheart Phantom from Grand Dame Theatre, 11-12th July. Part of GM Fringe.


Truly Outrageous Productions present Hamlet, part of GM Fringe.